About LinkPOS

LinkPOS  is a cutting-edge point-of-sale system for small business. The LinkPOS iPad app offers all the functionality you’d expect from a high-end POS system but with customizable features so you can tailor the app to meet your small business needs.

Even better, the intuitive user interface boosts productivity—a major bonus for your cashiers and your customers.

With LinkPOS, we’ve combined functionality, customization and a user-friendly interface and packaged it in a chic, professional design that enhances the overall look and feel of your small business.

LinkPOS features include:

  • Custom menus that include categories and items
  • Secure interface for application access
  • Local and remote sales reporting
  • Stand-alone operating mode when the Internet is not available
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Text message marketing
  • Customized graphics- your logos, not ours

Our Team


President and CEO


Executive Assistant


Accounting Support


Customer Success Representative


Sales & POS Consultant


Lead Web Developer


Lead iOS Developer


Web Developer


Though LinkPOS is pretty darn amazing, we owe some of our awesomeness to our partners. Check out who’s helping us provide business owners with a cutting-edge POS iPad app…and a better customer experience.

LinkPOS Partners

Merchant Processors

Hardware Suppliers

Menuetta provides marketing materials to restaurants using LinkPOS.

Heartland offers LinkPOS clients payment processing.

ingenico provides LinkPOS customers with secure payment hardware

Frozen Solutions provides LinkPOS customers custom and commodity restaurant supplies, especially to frozen yogurt shops.

WorldPay offers LinkPOS clients payment processing.

POS Portal provides LinkPOS customers with all the hardware they need.

Outpar provides a complete back-office solution that fully integrates with the LinkPOS front end.

Mercury Payment Systems provides LinkPOS clients with merchant services.

Magtek provides LinkPOS customers with simple and secure terminals.

Moki gives LinkPOS users greater control over the iPad, e.g., the ability to lock down or monitor the device.

Cayan offers LinkPOS customers payment processing.

Epson gives LinkPOS customers the right printer for the right job.